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My Top Research Skill Set

White Sand and Stone

Heterogeneous Catalysis

Self-taught myself the beyond of fundamentals of heterogeneous catalysis science and engineering. Including catalyst synthesis, characterization, and primarily testing with over 10,000 hours of the experiment time.

In Fall 2020, I was TA of the graduate course "Heterogeneous Catalysis" with Prof. Javier Ruiz-Martinez in KAUST.

Particle Image Velocimetry

PIV is the most advanced velocity measuring technique. PIV tracks the motion of fluid based on the seeding particles using a high-speed camera.

In my master's thesis, I used the PIV technique to evaluate the solid flow behavior and was able to draw some conclusions about the RTD of the solid particles.

Powder Technology

The industry relies heavily on gas-solid reactors, as solid particles often bear high temperatures employed in chemical processes without much changing.


As such, and during my thesis, I paid attention to the fundamentals of powder characterization and handling. Further, I utilized a mini glass reactor to experimentally find the powder minimum fluidization velocity and other physical properties like the angle of repose and Hausner index.



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